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Confident and self-regulated learners able to draw connections between mathematical concepts and real-world applications.



To nurture interest in and passion for the learning of Mathematics by creating fun, interesting activities and environment for students where opportunities for critical thinking abound.

The school aims to help every student become able, confident and self-regulated learners with a passion for Mathematics and critical thinking. Our curriculum and programmes are focused on developing conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, reasoning, communication, good attitudes and metacognition via problem solving. All these are developed daily via teaching using the Concrete_Pictorial_Abstract (CPA) approach where our teachers engage students in different learning experiences with manipulatives before showing them the link between Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract to support strong basics and ensure early success. In addition, our students are also engaged in practising Factual Fluency daily and learning different Heuristics each term. The school also seeks to ensure student engagement, cater to varied learning progress and achieve quality student learning using pullout groups as well as differentiated instruction. To help our students link Math to real-life, learning outside the classrooms also takes place in the form of programmes like Math Trail.

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