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2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

To usher in the year of Dog with celebration and to enhance students’ appreciation of the traditions and cultures related to Chinese New Year (CNY), the Mother Tongue department has organised many fun and educational activities for our students.

The staff and students kick-started with the decoration of the school and classrooms to create the festive mood. The students contributed recycled materials and made CNY artwork from the materials. Creative dog decoration was also put up in the classrooms to welcome the year of the Dog.

The students also enjoyed the recess game booths prepared by the parent volunteers. 


On the eve of the CNY, the students started the morning with art activities related to Chinese culture and the theme of the dog year. 

The highlight of the day was the CNY celebration concert. To share the festive joy, the school invited the MOE kindergarten children to join in the concert. 

The concert began with the CNY greetings of the school leaders, followed by an enchanting Chinese dance performed by Sharon Tan Rou Yi from Primary 2 Care. During the sing-along session, the students sang enthusiastically, while the prefects and monitors presented the mandarin oranges and Chinese New Year greeting cards made by the Art club students to the school leaders, teachers, parent volunteers and the SAC members.


The students were hyped up by the exciting mandarin orange peeling competition and video guessing game. The funny skit put up by the Drama Club brought laughter to the audience. 

Tokens were presented to the best decorated classrooms of the levels. The special appearance of Mr Christopher Cheng as the trendy God of Fortune in shades and our Primary 3 NTIL students doing the lion-dancing along to the beat of the music amused the audience. 

The celebration ended on a high note, with the school leaders and Chinese language teachers singing the finale CNY song and wishing the students a “paw-sperous” and “wang-derful” year of the dog.