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VISION: Vibrant Environment Engaged Learners    

MISSION: To enable students to demonstrate individually and with others the arts literacies and values to enjoy a lifetime of wholesome living.


GOAL : Develop artistically literate children that participate actively and purposefully in the arts within and beyond school

Purpose for engaging in the arts (namely Visual Art, Music, Dance and Drama) 

The arts as communication
To be able to express one's own ideas creatively and confidently through an artistic work and respond to artistic works by analysing and interpreting artistic intents of others. 

The arts as social and cultural connectors 
To relate the arts to daily living and see connectedness between the arts and other fields of knowledge.

The arts as creative and intellectual engagement
To participate in creative works and discourse as creators, performers and audience members and develop personal creative and intellectual capacity. 

The arts as developing leadership and impacting the community
To be able to initiate, connect and serve in communities within and beyond school, creating a positive impact on the lives of others. 

THE ARTS EDUCATION ROADMAP: Developing students’ artistic literacies

(I) Stages of development in students' artistic journey

Arts@Oasis adopts a whole-school Arts Education approach in Visual Art, Music, Dance & Drama, through curricular, co-curricular and special arts programmes. Below is the Arts Education Roadmap to provide arts opportunities for all and for some developing passion and mastery in an arts domain.

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(II) Holistic Arts Approach

Oasis Holistic Arts Approach develop artistically literate children that participate actively and purposefully in the arts within and beyond school through these artistic processes – Connecting (Analysing meaning and relating artistic ideas to its context), Creating (Imagining and developing new artistic ideas) and Communicating (Conveying artistic ideas effectively).
Connect, Create, Communicate
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Connect, Create, Communicate
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Connect, Create, Communicate
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(III) Arts Education Programmes

Stage 1 (DISCOVER)

Stage 2 (DEVELOP)

Stage 3 (DISPLAY)

o    General Arts Exposure Programmes for All

o    PAL-arts (Dance, Music & Visual Art)

o    Dance in PE curriculum

o    Art Curriculum

o    Music Curriculum

o    Minute of Fame (Performing Arts)

o    Art Exhibition (in-house)

o    Arts Play Space (under construction)

o    Visual and Performing Arts CCAs

o    Arts Enrichment for Talent Development