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Our Belief: 
Anchoring on our school values (R3ICH), we believe that our students can SHINE. They are committed to Serve with a Heart and INspire Everyone through words and actions. Progressing from passionate learners to caring leaders, our students aspire to be leaders who act with kindness and compassion, and contribute to the betterment of the society.

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In guiding our students to be good individuals and useful citizens of Singapore, we ground all that we do on the teaching of values and the 7 habits, as well as developing of socio-emotional competencies.

Our CCE Curriculum

We adopt a Total Curriculum for Character and Citizen Education. It is integrated into every aspect of students’ school life through both formal curriculum and co-curriculum. Among other school programmes, our values education and student leadership programme (Lead with a Heart@Oasis) are instrumental in building the character of our students and harnessing leadership qualities in every child. Our CCE programmes and activities are categorised into 3 key areas.

Student Development

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 Citizenship Education

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Student Leadership