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2017 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) ART Exhibition


Team Oasis participated in 2017 SYF Art Exhibition with a mixed media art piece themed  Our Space – All Around Us  . The art piece was selected to be showcased at the SYF Art Exhibition at Scape in July 2017.


What is in the space around us and near us? How do we see the things in this space as artists? In the background, it is the estate we live in and the shopping malls we go to. Nearer to the foreground, it is the people, things and the school we study in. This is the space we live in and interact with. Most of all, WE belong to and are part of this space


To grasp the exhibition theme of space, our P2 children explored the idea from 2 angles: space as an artist would see it (i.e. foreground and background) and space that is literal (i.e. the things that constitute the space around them). The artwork was created by combining the 2 angles. The end-product represents the children’s immediate world, space and living environment. ~ Mr Mark Low and Mdm Adeline Chua.