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ICT Club

ICT CLUB Banner.jpgVenue: Computer Lab 

ICT Club engages students in fun and interactive activities, and to nurture the next generation of workforce inculcated with basic coding and computational skills. Our club members will be involved in a comprehensive training programme to impart to them the spirit of innovation through coding, in developing games and programming robots. They will be presented with opportunities for them to stop, question and think deeply about technology. Progressive, hands-on experiences with the latest technology tools provide students with the skills required in the modern day, from conceptual skills such as craftsmanship and ideation to technical skills like 3D Design and the creation of Digital Media. Our Digital Learning Leaders provide  teachers and students opportunities to develop new age skills using tools such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR), Digital 3D Designs, Robotics, 3D printers and Laser Cutters.