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STELLAR Titles will be selected for experiential learning using the Modified Language Experience Approach.

The Experience @ Primary 1

Stellar Title: The Hungry Giant: ‘Making a sandwich for the giant’

Stellar Title: The Giant’s Ice Cream: ‘Having an ice-cream party’
Students will get to create their own ice-cream sundae by decorating their ice cream with various toppings.

Stellar Title: I want My Mum: A Class Play ‘Lost at the Beach’

Students will take up various roles and put up a class play according to the script.

The Experience @ Primary 2

Stellar Title: Bubble Trouble: ‘Blowing of Bubbles’
Students get to experience blowing of bubbles.


Stellar Title: Food Fit for a King: ‘Making Peanut Butter Happy Face Snacks’

Students will make a peanut butter happy face snack using the ingredients provided.
After the experience, students will carry out a Class Writing with the teacher related to the experience. Students will then get into groups to complete their Group Writing before doing a piece of Individual Writing in their exercise book.