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Confident and self-regulated problem solvers, competent in drawing connections between mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems

Mission:  We aim to help every student become able, confident and self-regulated problem solvers with a passion for Mathematics and critical thinking. Our curriculum focuses on developing conceptual understanding, skills proficiency, reasoning, communication, good attitudes and metacognition via problem solving.

Mathematics Framework @ Oasis

The Mathematics framework involves 3 phases: Engagement, Mastery as well as Analysis and Application.

During Engagement, our students are taught through experiential learning such as CPA approach, Learning Experiences, Literature Experiences and Assembly Talks to ensure early success.

During the Mastery phase, customised curriculum and differentiated instructions are done to ensure steady progress in our students’ learning via meaningful and deliberate practices.

To nurture confident problem solvers, more customised programmes are done during the Analysis and Application phase to ensure transference of learning to problem solving as well as to challenge our students to greater heights. Pedagogies such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Collaborative Learning (COL), Self-directed Learning (SDL), Experiential, Interdisciplinary and Place-based Learning are weaved into these 3 phases. 


Concrete Pictorial Abstract

Mathematics are taught via Concrete_Pictorial_Abstract (CPA) approach where our teachers engage students in different learning experiences with manipulatives before showing them the link between Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract to develop strong foundation and ensure early success.