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Learning For Life Programme

Oasis Primary School leverages on ‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ to live out its mission.

‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ student leadership programme focuses on building the character of the students through harnessing leadership qualities in every child. At the fundamental level, the school believes that every student can be a leader – being able to lead oneself both in words and actions. ‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ is grounded on the timeless and universal concepts and principles of ‘The Leader in Me’, based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The teaching of these habits leads to transformational changes in how individuals manage self and work with others.


Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ further creates many learning experiences as the student leaders take up the different student leadership roles that would require them to work with their peers and the community. Through the leadership programme Student Leaders will be trained in Emphatic leadership and Design Thinking which will put them in good stead to take up projects contributing to the betterment of the school and community. The Student Leaders being proactive and motivated will also be proficient in initiating level and school-wide projects.

More importantly, the school aims to develop leaders who inspire all to lead with a heart guided by the values of Care, Respect and Harmony. Through the student’s initiated projects and other purposefully designed activities, our students learn to be Active Contributor and Concerned Citizens