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The Unique Oasis Learning Experiences

The school has thoughtfully designed its curriculum, physical space and environment to pique students’ spirit of inquisitiveness, harness creative and critical thinking and create platforms for innovative contributions. These experiences of Discovery, Imagination and Changemaking undergird the T & L implementation processes and structures. More importantly they aim to foster joyful, meaningful and engaged learning in fulfilling the school’s vision of nurturing Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders. Some examples are Speech and Drama Programme for EL and MT, Math Around Us, Junior Science Quest, Health Funanza and Literature is Alive Programme.

Championing Changemaking

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Positive meaning-making, initiative and influence 
Purposeful contribution and service to others   A sense of agency or advocacy for a worthy cause

Deepening Discoveries

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Discovering interests, talents and aspirations  
Spirit of inquisitiveness and inquiry 
Pursuit of new knowledge, exploring new frontiers

Igniting Imagination

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Creative expressions & Inventive thinking 
 Designing and Experimenting
Playing and Tinkering Ideating