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Mr Chong Tjen Ken 钟前肯 - HOD Character and Citizenship Education

Mr Chong Tjen Ken.JPGHOD Character and Citizenship Education, Oasis Primary School

Dip Ed (Pri), BA, MEd (NTU, Singapore)

I started my teaching career with Cedar Primary School after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in English Language. In 2006, I was appointed as Head of Department for Student Development and subsequently as School Staff Developer in the same school.

To raise my level of mastery in teaching English, I successfully pursued a Master in Education from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. 

With experience in heading a department that focuses on character development, I am ready to embark on an exciting journey as the Head of Department for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) in Oasis Primary School.

The CCE Department is committed to nurturing every child to become a passionate learner and caring leader. We want every student in the school be able to confidently lead him- or herself in both words and actions. To maximise leadership potential, opportunities are provided for students to lead their peers in various capacities. The department anchors all that we do on ‘R3ICH’ values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony). 

Having taught for 17 years, I deeply believe that good character building is foundational to every child’s development. Home and school partnership is thus important in helping every child grow and learn. I look forward to fostering a positive and constructive partnership with all parents.