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Mrs Josephine Tan 黄莹思 - Vice-Principal (Academic)

Vice-Principal, Oasis Primary School

BA, (Education)

Mrs Josephine Tan began her teaching career at St. Hilda’s Primary School in 1992 and subsequently became the Vice-Principal in 2011. The long tenure and vast teaching experiences in St. Hilda’s Primary School, included 7 years of teaching the gifted education programme and heading National Education, Social studies, Project work and English departments respectively. Thereafter in 2015, she continued her appointment as Vice-Principal of Yumin Primary School before leaving for Leaders in Education Programme at National Institute of Education in March 2017. 

Mrs Tan believes every student is unique, wants to and can learn. All students must be provided with all kinds of opportunities and holistic experiences to help them discover themselves, nurture rightful mindsets and grow to their fullest potential. This can only be made possible if each student is given access to a plethora of exposure and opportunities for learning; customised to meet the needs and interests of the student. 

To Mrs Tan, the education process of every student should be an all rounded and values driven learning experiences aligned to MOE’s desired outcomes of education of a Self-directed learner, a Confident person, a Concerned Citizen and an Active Contributor. The total schooling experiences should be vibrant, engaging, thoughtfully designed to underpin the growing stages of a student’s development in which they are equipped with relevant knowledge, skills and dispositions to be future ready for the rapid changing world. 

As a school leader, Mrs Tan endeavours to always care and inspire every student and staff to be motivated by a great sense of purpose; engage stakeholders and community partners to uphold the school’s vision and mission together and drive positive changes for the school, country and beyond.