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Mrs Ong-Chew Lu See 周露丝 - Principal 

Principal, Oasis Primary School

BA, PGDE (Pri), MEd (NTU, Singapore)

Mrs Ong was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Economics and Political Science. She obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Education in 1992. Mrs Ong then went on to obtain her Masters in Education from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. 

Mrs Ong-Chew Lu See started off as a teacher in Jiemin Primary School, and then as a Vice-Principal of the same school. She has been the Principal of Naval Base Primary School since 2009. 

Mrs Ong believes that every child can be groomed to achieve learning excellence in a conducive and caring environment. The school would be a haven for developing the wholesome attributes in every child in their moral, emotional, social, cognitive, aesthetic and physical domains so that they will become individuals with strength of character and contributing citizens of tomorrow. These are in line with the school’s vision of Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders.