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Ms Tan Li Na - HOD English Language 

Ms Tan Li Na.JPGHOD English Language, Oasis Primary School 

BBA, PGDE (Pri), MEd (NTU, Singapore)

In my 17 years as an educator in the teaching fraternity, I had the privilege to lead, serve and inspire fellow educators and students. Having been a HOD Physical Education & Aesthetics, HOD Science and Year Head for Primary 6, I have worked with and developed educators of different profiles to reach their true potential. As an educator, I am honoured to have inculcated character and values and imparted knowledge to my students having taught all levels in a primary school. These opportunities provided me with a realm of experiences to communicate and work with different segments of students as well as stakeholders. In my pursuit of learning, I obtained my degree in Business Administration prior to my Post Graduate Diploma in Education. After which, I was awarded my Masters in Education from National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. 

My educational philosophy is that all students are capable of learning and the learning that is taking place is not solely academic; it also encompasses values education and skills at different levels like problem solving, leadership, communication and working with others. 

Moving forward in leading the English Department at Oasis Primary School, I intend to develop a deepened understanding of the English Language and literacy and inculcate the love for reading. Students will be encouraged to think deeply and to reflect on what they have learnt. Bearing in mind that students learn at different pace, I would also look into developing the educators in school so that they are able to use different approaches to reach every student and awaken the joy in learning.

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard and read to grow.” 
- Lawrence Clark Powell