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Ms Tan Soo Cheng 陈素卿 - HOD Mathematics 

Ms Tan Soo Cheng.JPG HOD Mathematics, Oasis Primary School 
BBus, PGDE (Pri), MEd-Curriculum and Teaching (NTU, Singapore) 

I have been in service since year 2000 and gradually moved up to Subject Head Mathematics in my first school. After gaining invaluable experience in running the Mathematics department, I went on to pursue a Masters in Education (Curriculum and Teaching) to enrich myself. In the past few years, I served in Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD) of the Ministry of Education. During my stint in CPDD, I gained deeper insights in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in Mathematics through mentoring teachers and conducting workshops for them.

I strongly believe that every student can learn and will learn. Such learning would be sped up if he or she adopts a positive attitude in learning and applies perseverance as well as resilience in face of difficulties. Being a strong believer in formative assessment, I also adopt it in lessons daily to ensure learning. The primary school years are critical for every child’s learning and parents could help by reflecting on daily work with their child, instilling good homework habits and setting up regular revision schedule at home. Such actions promote effective life-long habits and positivity towards learning. Examples of reflection on daily work include discussing about strengths (includes how the strengths can be enhanced) and talking through errors (includes how child can circumvent them).

The Mathematics Department aims to help every student become able, confident and self-regulated learners with a passion for Mathematics and critical thinking. In line with MOE’s goal to ensure that all students achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in their lives, we aim to focus on conceptual understanding, skills proficiency and mathematical processes while giving due emphasis to attitudes and metacognition. We also seek to cater to their different learning needs.