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Ms Yim Wai Peng 严慧萍 - HOD Assessment 

Ms Yim Wai Peng.JPGHOD Mathematics, Oasis Primary School

BA (Edun), MEd-Curriculum, Teaching & Learning (NTU, Singapore)

I have been in the education service for twenty-six years and was Head of Department for Mathematics before I went to work in MOE HQ in 2011.  I strongly believe that every student can learn, improve and achieve.  We must be mindful to focus students’ attention on the importance of effort rather than their ability and help them to improve their learning.  We hope to develop our students to take greater ownership of their learning process and become self-motivated and active learners. 


Assessment is the process of gathering information about student learning in relation to defined learning outcomes. In our school, holistic assessment is used to support student learning and provide feedback to guide the child's development. By providing timely and constructive formative feedback to the students, they are better enabled to improve their performance in future assessments. They would also be more engaged and confident in their learning.


The primary school years are an important phase in a child’s education as they lay the foundation for his learning.  During these formative years, we want to build our students’ confidence and desire to learn.  Parents play a critical role in their child’s learning and development. They can support their child by spending time with him when he does his homework, encouraging him and praising him for his effort and progress.  Teachers and parents are the key to unlock the potential within a child. I look forward to working with parents as partners in their child’s learning journey.