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Lead With A Heart @ Oasis

The school implemented its Learning for Life Programme (LLP) known as ‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ in 2016. The student leadership programme focuses on building the character of the students through harnessing leadership qualities in every child. With a strong belief that every child can be a leader – being able to lead oneself both in words and actions, learning opportunities are created for all students to learn and internalise the R3ICH values and the 7 habits of the Leader in Me.

‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ also creates enriching learning experiences as the student leaders take up the different student leadership roles, working with their peers at different tiers. With the students coming together, it allows them to learn from one another and tap on collective wisdom.

At the end of primary school education, all students in Oasis Primary School would be grounded strongly on the values that the school inculcate. They would also have internalised and made the 7 habits part of their lives. Everyone will be able to manage and lead self, as well as others confidently.

The Leader in Me - The 7 Habits

Habit 1
Be Proactive
You’re in Charge

Habit 2  
Begin with the End in Mind
Have a Plan

Habit 3
Put First Things First
       Work First, Then Play

Habit 4
Think Win-Win
          Everyone Can Win

Habit 5
Seek First to Understand Then to Be Understood
          Listen Before You Talk

Habit 6
              Together Is Better

Habit 7
Sharpen the Saw
                  Balance Feels Best