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Principal's Message

We are indeed honoured to be given the opportunity to start Oasis Primary School in 2016. Anchoring on our belief that every child can be groomed to achieve learning excellence, we strive to create a conducive and caring haven for developing the wholesome attributes in every child in their moral, emotional, social, cognitive, aesthetic and physical domains. Our school vision, ‘Passionate Learners, Caring Leaders’ aims to develop Oasians with strength of character and contributing citizens of tomorrow.

We anchor on a caring and inclusive school culture among the staff, pupils and our stakeholders and it can be easily felt whenever a visitor steps into the school. Our school leaders and teachers go the extra mile and extend their help to every Oasian to ensure that no students are left out, regardless of their background or abilities. Such positive teacher-student relationships have made Oasians feel valued and cared for. Our teachers also undergo professional development and embark on innovative teaching methods, so that they can give their best in educating and nurturing a love for learning in every Oasian.

Literacy and numeracy knowledge and thinking skills are strongly emphasized in Oasis Primary School. The school has been putting in significant efforts to develop a vibrant learning environment to enable students to learn in creative and enjoyable ways, yet striking a balance between meaningful learning and assessment.


The school has embarked on our PERI holistic assessment journey since its inception. Our lower primary teachers have gone beyond pen-and-paper testing and use a wide range of assessment tools, such as performance tasks and journal writing, to give parents a more complete picture of their child’s learning. Rather than relying on grades alone, our parents have been receiving more meaningful and ongoing feedback on the child’s development in academic and non-academic areas.


Character and Citizenship Education means putting the values in action in Oasis Primary School. Innovative practices have been introduced to bring out the best in Oasians and give them a sense of belonging to the school. They learn to walk the talk as they are provided with daily opportunities to put into practice important R3ICH values of respect, resilience, responsibility, integrity, care and harmony. Within the curriculum, our teachers help to reinforce character development through teachable moments as well as during co-curricular activities and learning journeys.


The school implemented its Learning for Life Programme (LLP) known as ‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ in 2016. The student leadership programme focuses on building the character of the students through harnessing leadership qualities in every child. With a strong belief that every child can be a leader – being able to lead oneself both in words and actions, learning opportunities are created for all students to learn and internalise the R3ICH values and the 7 habits of the Leader in Me.


‘Lead with a Heart@Oasis’ also creates enriching learning experiences as the student leaders take up the different student leadership roles, working with their peers at different tiers. With the students coming together, it allows them to learn from one another and tap on collective wisdom.

Going forward, we will continue to build on our diversity of strengths and leverage on the strong partnership with our parents to bring out the best in Oasians – both academically and in character development.

Mrs Ong-Chew Lu See
Oasis Primary School